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What you should know about dental resins

What You Should Know About Dental Resins

Currently, dental resins have become very popular for solving health or aesthetic problems in your teeth. This is a synthetic material widely used in dentistry aiming to restore any tooth that is in poor condition. Indeed, a person with a fracture or damages to their teeth can opt for such a procedure.

The truth is that dental resins offer many advantages since they are adjustable to the specific needs of each patient. In this article we give you more information about dental resins and why it is the material you should choose to have healthy teeth.

Want a new smile? Surely, this is the most suitable dental procedure for you.

Lo que debes saber sobre las resinas dentales

Why Use Dental Resins?

Dental resins can be used in any dental cavity because they have several purposes. However, for a good retention of the material it is important that the patient has a good dental structure. It is also a procedure that can only be performed by a dentist like Dr. Ralph Torres.

If we talk from the cosmetic point of view, dental resins are the best option. Why? Because they are effective for solving different cases. For example, if you don't like the shape of your teeth, this type of procedure provides a more pleasant and natural look.

Similarly, they are used to cover tooth stains, fractured or chipped teeth and to reduce noticeable space between teeth. Likewise, resin serves as a filling material in case of cavities. In addition, it is used after the removal of a dental nerve as a result of oral disease.

Finishing and Polishing of Dental Resins

Once the decision is made to perform this dental treatment, the final phase of restoration is of great importance. Dental resins require a finish to redefine their anatomy and smooth the restored surface. In this way, you can redefine the margins that remain between the enamel and the resin to give an incredible look. The dentist removes resin debris and smoothes the surface to prevent future buildup of bacterial plaque.

As for polishing, it is a procedure that is carried out to finish with a smooth and shiny surface in the resin. Thus, greater resistance to pigmentations is achieved and the restorations will have a more natural finish. When ending with a successful finish, the patient does not have to worry about fracture lines or differences in color between natural teeth and resin.

How to Preserve the Life of Dental Resins?

After the placement of dental resins, it is important to follow each of the recommendations given by the dental professional. Its care is mandatory to keep the dental resins in good condition and provide greater durability. Depending on care and eating habits, dental resins can last between five to seven years approximately.

Patients with dental resins should regularly go to the dentist and have good oral hygiene. Thus, the deterioration of the resin and other oral problems is prevented.

When dental resins are properly cared for, you can enjoy their benefits:

Why is Resin the Best Material to Restore Teeth?

For starters, this restorative material is the color of your teeth. Therefore, it is a material that is at an advantage compared to that used for amalgams. In these other types of dental procedures, conventional silver is used, and there are people who choose it because it is cheaper. But is the material more convenient?

First, when applying amalgam, a large part of the dentin tissue must be removed. This causes the tooth to fracture on many occasions. Also, secondary cavities may appear under the amalgam, which will not be identified with x-rays. The truth is that these types of dental procedures do not look aesthetic. This is due to its silver color when it is recent or its grayish or black tone when it is an old procedure.

In the case of dental resin, it is made of a material known as silica. It makes this a wear-resistant treatment. For this reason, dental resins are used for aesthetic treatments, as well as for restoration or as a filling material.

Arreglo de muela con resina

What are the Advantages of Dental Resins?

Having a color very similar to that of teeth, dental resins are imperceptible to the eye. Therefore, they have several health and aesthetic advantages that we will mention below:

Good adhesion capacity

Thanks to the quality materials used for dental resins, they adhere correctly to teeth.

Maintain dental aesthetics

Its color and texture is similar to that of natural teeth. That is why it gives the feeling of being part of the teeth.

Anyone can use them

This type of dental treatment can be applied to anyone, both children and young people and adults.

Its materials do not include harmful components

None of the materials used in resins contain harmful components. They do not cause health problems in people who get them.

They have good resistance

This is one of the most important advantages of dental resins. The resin has great durability, so its resistance to wear is guaranteed. This makes it a treatment that fulfills its function for many years and without any inconvenience.

dientes alargados con resina
restauracion con resina de diente negro
dientes emparejados con resina
restauracion con resina de diente partido
resina aplicada a los dientes frontales
dientes frontales mejorados con resina

Show a Healthy Smile with Dental Resins

Dental specialists can bring your teeth to life with tooth resins. This is an unnoticeable procedure, and it gives you a new opportunity to smile wherever you go without self-consciousness.

Dentist Ralph Torres has a team of professionals that apply this type of procedure. They meet the high standards of the ADA and will study your case to restore the teeth that are necessary.

You can rely on our dental clinic that accepts medical insurance plans and other payment methods so you can have your dental restoration. Our procedures are very successful because we work with quality materials so that your dental resins have durability. Today you can contact our dental clinic for an evaluation appointment and offer you a budget according to your needs.

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