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Importance of having a dental cleaning

Importance of Having a Dental Cleaning

Did you know that brushing every day isn't enough to keep your mouth clean and healthy? It is also important to have a professional dental cleaning to avoid gum disease, tartar or bacteria on our teeth. Best of all, this is a quick procedure with no complexity or pain.

What are the advantages of a dental cleaning? How often should it be done? In this article we will be talking about it.

What does a dental cleaning consist of?

A dental cleaning or prophylaxis,as it is also known, is a very popular dental treatment. It consists of a procedure that is carried out to prevent gingivitis or periodontal diseases. This technique is performed on the tooth, the edge of the gum and in the interdental spaces. In this way, the tartar and bacterial plaque that accumulates can be eliminated. It is necessary to clarify that dental cleaning is not the same as dental whitening. The reason is because through a dental cleaning the color of the teeth is not altered.

Who can perform a dental cleaning?

A dental cleaning should be done by a professional, that is, a dentist or dental hygienist. They are the only ones trained to use the instruments that will completely clean the surface of the teeth. In addition, they will do an evaluation of your teeth and gums to determine which procedures are effective for your oral care. However, it is important that at home you do not forget daily care, such as brushing when you wake up, when you go to sleep and after each meal.

When is it necessary to have a dental cleaning?

Some people think that brushing daily doesn't require a dental cleaning. The truth is that dental cleanings play a very important role in preventing diseases, the appearance of stains and the accumulation of tartar.

Is tartar dangerous for your teeth? Well yes, since they are colonies of bacteria covered by minerals (calcified plaque). It forms quickly and once it hardens it adheres to the tooth with great force. That is why it cannot be eliminated with daily brushing. The only way to remove tartar from teeth is through proper dental cleaning.

What happens if you don't get your teeth cleaned?

If teeth cleanings are not performed regularly, problems such as these can occur:

Cavities: Cavities are permanently damaged areas on the teeth. They can be caused by the consumption of sugary drinks or poor dental cleaning.

Tooth loss: In addition to causing gum disease, tartar is associated with an increased risk of tooth loss.

Impaired oral health: As we have already mentioned, tartar is harmful to health. This is because it is considered a foreign body by our immune system. And when fighting this invasion, inflammation and bleeding occur. As a consequence, chronic inflammation can be generated in the gums such as gingivitis and other periodontal diseases.

Aesthetics: The tartar that accumulates on our teeth produces an unsightly appearance. It may not be noticeable at first, but over time the deterioration will become more visible.

What are the benefits of having a dental cleaning?

These are the benefits of a dental cleaning:

How long does it take the dentist to do a dental cleaning?

If teeth are in good condition, a dental cleaning takes 30 minutes. Now, it could take an hour if there is tartar buildup or cavities as a result of poor oral hygiene. Therefore, preventing dental problems means less time and fewer visits to the dentist. However, after doing a checkup, the dentist will let you know how long it will take.

How often should you have a dental cleaning?

This is the million dollar question, as everyone wants to know how often they should have their teeth cleaned. The point is that each person is different and the time may depend on your case. However, professional dentists recommend cleaning twice a year. In this way, every six months is the ideal time for the dentist to take care of our dental hygiene.

Need a teeth cleaning?

Even if you maintain good oral hygiene, it's almost inevitable that plaque or tartar will build up on the neck of the teeth or on the gums. If you have red or inflamed gums, tooth sensitivity, halitosis, pain when biting or chewing, burning mouth, or other problems, you need a dental cleaning. This is one of the services most contracted by patients since it is the ideal prevention to have oral health. To carry it out, the professional will follow a series of steps for a satisfactory result.

Dr. Ralph Torres and his team care about the oral care of their patients. That is why they can treat your case in a personalized way, to perform a deep dental cleaning and with the professionalism you need.

Do you want healthy teeth and gums? Contact us right now and we will schedule your appointment for a dental cleaning.

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