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5 foods that stain your teeth

5 Foods that Stain Your Teeth

We all love to eat, especially in Puerto Rico where gastronomy is irresistible. But, there are many foods that can be harmful to dental health. Well yes, foods like coffee or products like tobacco stain teeth quickly due to daily consumption. But what can you do to avoid it? First of all, you must control the consumption of certain foods so that the color of your teeth is not affected. And most importantly, go to the dentist for regular cleaning and teeth whitening.

In this article you will discover 5 foods that stain your teeth and why they produce this effect on your enamel. Also, we suggest foods and drinks that contribute to maintaining a healthy mouth and whitening your teeth.

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Why stains appear on the teeth

We cannot deny that stained or yellowish-looking teeth are unsightly. However, this is not only a consequence of the food we consume. It also depends on oral health and other factors such as certain diseases, trauma at an early age and genetics. Even pregnancy can also cause stains on the teeth in women.

As for food, some have substances that speed up their discoloration. For this reason, it is important to brush your teeth correctly and go to the dentist to have a dental cleaning and whitening service. This aesthetic treatment has many advantages and removes external stains from the teeth, caused by the pigment of certain foods.

The 5 foods that stain your teeth

Each person maintains a lifestyle and eating routine, some taking more care than others. In this way, there are people who are used to drinking coffee, while others prefer sugary drinks or a fruit shake. The fact is that avoiding the consumption of foods that stain teeth and cause cavities helps you contribute to your dental care. Let's see 5 foods that cause discoloration in teeth:

  1. Vegetables and fruits of intense colors: Raspberries, cherries, blueberries, and beets are some of the fruits and vegetables that can stain your teeth. Their vivid colors are indicative of their antioxidant content. Therefore, the high consumption of whole fruits or in natural juice, although they are healthy, can stain your teeth, altering their aesthetics.
  2. Acidic foods: The acids found in orange or tomato juice can be a great danger to tooth enamel if they are not counterbalanced. To do this, they can be added in small amounts to apple or pear fruit smoothies, for example. After eating acidic foods, it is advisable to wait half an hour before brushing your teeth to avoid injuring them.
  3. Tea and coffee: Although tea and coffee are widely consumed drinks in the world, they are harmful to tooth enamel. Red and green tea are very harmful, although green tea is less harmful as it has fewer tannins. As for coffee, it contains chromogens, molecules that easily adhere to tooth enamel, affecting its color. So, if you drink a lot of coffee, surely you have already noticed a variation in the natural color of your teeth.
  4. Energy drinks: Energy drinks and carbonated soft drinks are demineralizing, so it is advisable to stop consuming them. In addition, they produce acids and sugars in a high content, hypersensitivity and the appearance of cavities.
  5. Sauces and vinegars: Soy sauce has a high sugar content, and due to its intense color it can stain the teeth, giving a yellowish tone. For this reason, it is not recommended to season food with this sauce frequently. Vinegars of all kinds, like soy sauce, are made up of citrus substances that damage the enamel of your teeth.

Other foods that can stain your teeth

There are other foods or products that can also stain your teeth due to daily consumption:

Came: The dyes contained in red wine are dangerous for your tooth enamel. But do not get too confident, since white wine can also stain teeth if consumed frequently.

Cocoa: Cocoa should be taken in small quantities. When this is not the case, it contributes to the appearance of dental stains and cavities.

Tobacco: Although not a food, the nicotine in a cigarette darkens the enamel on your teeth. It can even cause yellowing over time. But not only this, since it has been proven that daily tobacco consumption triggers oral diseases and tooth loss.

Foods that can help keep teeth white

If you want to keep a white smile, it is important to get a professional teeth whitening. However, there are certain foods that you can eat to avoid stained or yellowed teeth:

Fruits and vegetables: Carrots, spinach and apples, due to their texture and fiber, help us maintain a healthy mouth. There are many other fruits and vegetables that are allies when it comes to wanting to have white teeth.

Dairy: Milk, cheese and yogurt help to better segregate saliva and calcium. This is a great advantage that helps maintain existing minerals in the teeth, such as phosphorus and magnesium.

How to avoid stains on your teeth

As you have seen, there are foods and products that you should not consume frequently if you do not want to see your teeth stained. While others will help you maintain white teeth. Also, it is important to maintain oral hygiene after each meal and schedule a regular appointment at a dental clinic for oral cleaning.

For a more aesthetic smile, you also need teeth whitening and Dr. Ralph Torres can help you. Visit our dental clinic for a complete evaluation of your teeth. We will take care of preserving your health by providing you with a professional service. In addition, we will give you the best tips to show a radiant smile wherever you go.

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