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Let's talk about dental implant care

Let's Talk About Dental Implant Care

Dental implants become your allies if you have lost a tooth or have had an extraction. In fact, it is an aesthetic solution that will help you maintain the balance of the teeth in the maxilla that has been affected.

What care do you provide to your teeth? Although dental implants solve the problem of missing teeth, for their durability and comfort it is necessary to carry out some care. In this way, its functionality and permanence will be guaranteed.

Asking yourself this question is very important because if you have lost a tooth and want to get an implant, you may need to change your oral health habits. Dental implants require great care for their durability, and in this article we will tell you how to achieve it.

Care of dental implants after the intervention

Dental implants are the most comfortable and safe option that currently exists to replace teeth that have been lost. The causes can be many, although among the most common is age, wear, trauma or oral disease. Currently, there are many people who opt for the use of dental implants. The main reason is that they have been designed to be part of the dental structure. Therefore, as long as they are cared for properly, dental implants can last for many years, even decades.

It is likely that this is the first time that you are going to undergo this treatment and you are unaware of its placement. We can say that it is a simple and painless treatment. In addition, there are some techniques, such as immediate implants, so that you can recover your teeth in one day.

Before placement, the exact place where the dental implant is to be placed inside the jawbone is planned. In this way, all the pieces will fit perfectly when the bone structure and the dental arch are integrated into the implant. After the operation, there are cases where you must wait a few months for the placement of the dental crown, that is, the visible part of the implant. Its color, shape and structure have been created with the aim of simulating both the functionality and the appearance of natural teeth.

Sometimes, the waiting time is due to the fact that the dental implant must be correctly integrated into the placement area. In this process, it is necessary to maintain the care recommended by the surgeon after the intervention. A correct osseointegration of the piece will depend on how the care of the dental implants is carried out.

Recommendations for caring for the dental implant area

When you decide to get dental implants, it is important that you look for a dental clinic that has a team of expert surgeons. They are the only ones who can provide you with the advice you need to clarify all your doubts. However, among the recommendations given for good care of dental implants after surgery, are:

Basic advice for the care of your dental implants

Osseointegration is the healing process of the organic structure that serves as a support for dental implants on the maxillary bone. This process is very important and the success of any implant treatment depends on it. Subsequently, a final crown is integrated into the dental implant, which should be as similar as possible to the other teeth. Thus, the patient will not notice a visual or functional difference in their implant.

Now, everyone who undergoes dental implant treatment wants these pieces to remain as long as possible. As well as avoiding the development of peri-implant diseases. These are some recommendations that you should follow for the care of your dental implants:

Dental hygiene: Correct cleaning of dental implants and the rest of the teeth is essential. The recommendation is to do it at least three times a day, after each meal. The usual toothbrush, interproximal brushes or dental floss should be used. Also, include the use of mouthwashes and irrigators to clean hard-to-reach areas. With this we will avoid the accumulation of bacteria that can cause peri-implant pathologies, or even worse, the removal of the implant.

Avoid smoking: It has been proven that smoking deteriorates dental structure, favors the appearance of many oral diseases, and can even cause oral cancer and impair healing. In fact, it is one of the causes for which the rejection of a dental implant occurs the most. That is why dentists advise reducing smoking or eliminating it to care for the dental implant correctly.

Frequent check-ups: You must go to the check-ups in a dental clinic to know the evolution of dental implants. Thus, dental diseases that may arise can be prevented or solved. Regardless of whether the dental implant has been in the mouth for years without causing inconvenience, periodic check-ups should be attended. There are diseases that are not detected at first because they do not present any symptoms or pain.

Use an occlusal relaxation splint for those with bruxism: Any patient who clenches or grinds his teeth should wear a splint at night. In this way you can control the pressure exerted on the dental implants to avoid overloading the prostheses and implants. It is the best way to prevent fractures or wear in these types of prostheses.

What are the best dental implants in Puerto Rico?

These tips will help you maintain the care of your dental implants, reducing the appearance of chronic infections both in the gums and in the teeth. As a result, they will have greater durability avoiding future complications.

Dr. Ralph Torres will clarify all your doubts and provide you with the advice you need to get the best dental implants in Puerto Rico and maintain them in the best shape. He offers different options to place the best dental implants and improve your smile. Contact us right now to make an appointment for an evaluation. We guarantee a quality procedure, using the most resistant materials on the market.

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