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Dental crowns: What are their advantages?

The Advantages of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are defined as that part of the tooth that goes from the gum to the top dental edge. This visible portion of the tooth can vary in shape, color, and size, as well as from one tooth to another. That is why many people take advantage of both its cosmetic and restorative utility. Thus, if you have a damaged or deformed tooth, dental crowns can be used to treat these problems and many more.

Dr. Ralph Torres is an expert placing these prostheses that go over the tooth in a personalized way and with quality materials. In this way, you can obtain dental crowns that will go unnoticed and add a touch of aesthetics to your smile. Still have questions about dental crowns? Here we will tell you about its advantages.

What is a dental crown

Before mentioning the advantages of dental crowns in Puerto Rico, let's talk a little about their definition. As a dental prosthesis, a crown is known as a cap that is placed over a tooth. Its function is to cover it to improve its appearance in terms of its size, shape or color. Once cemented in place, they contain the visible portion of a tooth, lying above the gum line.

What are dental crowns used for

Dental crowns have become a necessity for many reasons. They are the best option to protect a weak tooth from a fracture. In addition, they serve to restore teeth when they are broken, worn, discolored or deformed. If you have lost a tooth, it can be replaced with a dental crown. To do this, dental bridges must be made to cover the space of the missing tooth, and must have a minimum of three crowns. Two of these dental crowns must be placed on healthy teeth, that is, on "pillar teeth". These will be the support for the crown that will be added in the middle of them.

Materials for dental crowns

Dental crowns can be made of different materials:

The dental crown is made up of two structures. In general, porcelain is the most widely used material for its exterior coating. This is because it provides greater dental aesthetics and offers better results. However, inside the crown we can find a greater variety of materials such as porcelain, metal or zirconium. Indeed, dental crowns made of zirconium or metal are usually the most resistant.

But what is the best material?

Today, dental crowns are covered with porcelain. This is because this material does not change color over the years because it does not stain the teeth. For this reason, it is the exclusive material for making these dental implants.

¿Cuánto tiempo duran las coronas dentales?

Duration of dental crowns

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), dental crowns have a duration of approximately fifteen years. However, the estimated time may be more or less depending on several factors that we will mention below:

Oral hygiene habits: Having dental crowns implies having correct oral hygiene habits. The ideal is to brush after each meal.

Flossing: In addition to having good oral hygiene habits, it is important to complement this routine with the use of dental floss. A dental irrigator and interdental brushes are also good options.

Regular clinical check-ups: For greater durability of dental crowns, clinical check-ups cannot be missed. Dentists recommend visiting their office at least once a year.

Get rid of bad habits: Smoking is a bad habit that should be kept at bay, as it harms your teeth and overall health.

Caring for dental crowns: Dental prosthesis should not be used to cut or open things. Also, to maintain their care, it is not recommended to eat hard foods.

Avoid bruxism: To treat this medical condition characterized by clenching, a night guard can be used to prevent the veneer or porcelain from breaking.

What are the advantages of dental crowns?

Dental crowns have many advantages regarding their restorative abilities and aesthetic benefits:

Restorative capabilities

Aesthetic benefits

Can dental crowns fall off?

Over time, dental crowns may fall off. Now, if this happens and the teeth that support it are healthy, they can be cemented again without any problem. To avoid any pathology, it is important to maintain oral hygiene, as well as to carry out regular check-ups with your dentist.

Are there risks when getting dental crowns?

For decades, this treatment has been performed with efficient results. Dental crowns are very safe, although in some cases they can cause infection, decay, crown rotation, or an allergic reaction. Likewise, there may be the presence of some secondary symptoms such as sensitivity to hot or cold foods or inflammation of the gums. To avoid this type of setback, it is important that a professional dentists evaluates your case before placing dental crowns.

Dental crowns in Puerto Rico

In short, there are many advantages of dental crowns when restoring damaged teeth. Dentist Ralph Torres has the necessary specialists to apply this procedure safely and guaranteeing your investment. Likewise, it complies with ADA standards, so his services are 100% recommended.

Do you need dental crowns? Our dental clinic is available. We work with the best materials and different medical plans and payment methods. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation appointment and provide you with a personalized quote.

Correcting your smile is our mission.

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